ithinkitwasyou's Mutant X #3 - The Pack review

Yay for male objectification

This issue honestly was a solid 3.5 out of five. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great.

The good

As you can see on the cover this issue featured the X-Men's Favorite Bad boy, Wolverine, and most of the issue, he's naked (Yea for male objectification in comic books) as is his wild pack of feral comrades. If you're a Fan of Havoks (Which i am) you won't be disappointed by how the series is carrying along.

The bad

When you read this issue along with some of what happens next, you are left looking at this issue and making a face like this o_0 because this issue kind of just makes you wonder why they did it? The Six are looked at as the premier super hero team of there world, so they should have been able to put up a better, more believable fight. Madelyne Pryor Havok and Storm show off some great team work towards the end but aside from that, you can definitely feel the newness of this series.

The Verdict

Worth reading.

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