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The Murphy Twins are twin hitmen.  They only wear white and one always smiles and other always frowns.  They only speak in idioms to communicate or when during a relevant circumstance.  When reporting to Wilson Fisk that their job was complete, the smiling twin said "dead as a doornail", and his way of suggesting of killing a few witnesses, he said "stitch in time saves nine."
While it was never specified if they each had their own specialty, the frowning twin used a rifle and the smiling twin used hand guns.  They have average strength and no super abilities or gadgets, but they have an increased durability.  The smiling one took several direct hits from Daredevil and kept coming back.  The frowning one took a hit from Daredevil's billy club which drew blood, and he barely flinched.  It took a fire-escape ladder stricking him from above to knock him unconscious.

 Smiling Twin

 Frowning Twin

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