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Murgador is a world in orbit around a brilliant, blue-white star. For untold years, it's inhabitants enjoyed peace, and growing prosperity, gained through the mineral wealth pulled from Murgador's mines. Then the Warlord of Thargg came. The population of Murgador was enslaved. All of it's inhabitants were forced to work in the mines, children included, for the benefit of Thargg. To ensure the complacency of the Murgadorians, the warlord of Thargg placed an immense bomb in the hollow core of Murgador. Under constant threat of detonation, the Murgadorians toiled endlessly, to supply Thargg with the mineral resources it demanded for it's military. Phantom Girl, of the Legion of Super-Heroes, was able to disarm the explosive device, ending Thargg's tyrannical reign over Murgador.

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