grim's Muppet Robin Hood #1 - Issue 1 review

A cool Retelling of a classic story...

Muppets. You have got to love them. They've retold dozens of stories with their Muppety twists, and most of them have been phenominal.
 Muppet Robin Hood is no exception.
 Asa lifelong Muppet fan, my opinion may be a bit biased, but i'dlike to think its not becuase i hated Muppets in Space and that Muppet Cinderella.
 But their telling of Robin Hood is back on the old "good" track.
 Only a couple of minor issues with this comic. The choice for Fozzy Bear to be Friar Tuck  works, but as a fan i would have rather seen him by Robin's side as Little John. And the idea for the Crusades was eh. 
 But all in all, a great read. If you like Robin Hood, Muppets, or retellings of old classics, pick it up.


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