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Munitia has a strong rivalry with Cobra mercenary Major Bludd. She has gone on several missions along with Blackout and Firefly.

IDW Continuity

Munitia gagged by Hawk

Munitia first appears as a member of a Viper squad tasked with capturing General Hawk. Posing as a hiker named Lisa, Munitia attempts to subdue Hawk in his home, but ends up knocked unconscious. Her fellow Cobra troops later find Munitia bound and gagged with her mouth duct-taped shut inside a tunnel under Hawk's home.

After reporting news of Hawk's escape to Cobra Commander, Munitia is told that she will be killed unless she manages to recapture her target. Hawk kills each of the Cobras one-by-one until on Muntia remains. She feigns surrender in order to lull him into a false sense of security, and then paralyzes him with a taser. Just as Munitia prepares to take Hawk prisoner, she is knocked off of a cliff by his pet wolf, Timber.

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