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Mung the Inconceivable was an insectoid alien from the same race as Miek who deserted Hulk's Warbound to rampage across the Earth.  Plying his trade as a gladiator in the imperial arena of Sakaar, Mung presumably fought for the Green Scar (Hulk) during the uprising against the Red King, as the alien warlord was counted among the Hulk's warbound during the invasion of Earth.   However,  as he himself expressed in his war-journal, Mung had no interest in the Green Scar's revenge on the 'Pinkies' and his Insectoid army broke away from the Hulk's warbound to go looting in Manhattan.  However, he didn't foresee the Punisher's presence, and Castle proceeded to rescue survivors whilst single-handedly fighting off Mung's army.  The two later meet in mortal combat, with Mung singling out the Punisher as a foe worth hunting.  As can be predicted, the Punisher emerges victorious and wipes out the rest of Mung's army.

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