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Action Comics

Feeling hatred for Mxyzptlk's success as the King-Thing Brpxz's new court magician and for the love he declared to Princess Gsptlnz, Vyndktvx stole the Multispear from Chromo-Conflict 2, along with the Nothingcoat and the Imaginator. Sneaking up on Mxyzptlk behind a drape, he struck him with the Multispear but unbeknown to him it was the King-Thing trying on Mxy's derby hat. The moment he killed the King-Thing, 230 worlds died instantly with only a few of them encountering resistance. Krypton was presumably one of those worlds as it's been said Jor-El was the only one capable of repelling the Multitude.

Mission To Mars

During a mission to Mars, the Multitude struck the colony there in its 3-Dimensional form. Superman came to the rescue but after a failed attempt against it he figured out the way to eliminate the threat. Giving a simple explanation with the use of a fork, he explained that even though the fork is a solid object in three dimensions, when pressed against a surface it leaves 4 distinct points. The same thing happens when the Multitude is struck from the 5th Dimension. One weapon with a million points attacking everything at once.

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