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Multi-Woman appears!

Feeling isolated from humanity by his powers, the villainous Multi-Man created for himself a consort, the Multi-Woman. In order to prove himself worthy of his "queen"'s affections, the Multi-Man ingests a vial of the formula that empowered him and confronts his enemies, the Challengers of the Unknown. He attacks his foes and then leads them away from the scene. Tracking him, the Challengers believe they have cornered the Multi-Man, but rather, they face the Multi-Woman. They initially suspect she is a human who the Multi-Man has subjected to the same chemicals he has ingested, but soon realize she is a sophisticated robot. After both confront the Challengers, Multi-Man reduces himself to his actual height, which causes revulsion in his creation. She turns on the Multi-Man, leading him to join forces with the Challengers in order to save himself. In the end, Multi-Woman explodes and her creator escapes.

Sometime later, Multi-Woman is rebuilt, and she leads "The League of Challenger-Haters." This also does not end well for her.

Powers and Abilities


She's several stories tall.

finding a giant diamond


Can adapt to different environments, including air and sea.

evading attack by switching forms

Fire Projection/Control

She can light herself on fire without harm to herself and throw fireballs at her opponents.

throwing a fireball at Multi-Man

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