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Salman Khamis was born in Bahrain, son of famous oceanographer Doctor Khamis. Nothing else is known of his life prior to the discovery of the Noor stone that empowers him. 


Dan Panosian and June Brigman are given credit for the design of Mukit, who first appeared in late 2010.

Major Story Arcs

After finding a mystical gem inside a dead whale and gaining superpowers as a result, Salman initially decided to keep his abilities a secret because of the bad publicity concerning Dr. Ramzi's foundation and the 99 as a whole, despite the objections of his father. However, after the 99 assisted Mukit in rescuing his father when his submersible malfunctioned in the proximities of an undersea vulcano, the young man decided to join the ranks of the 99 as Mukit the Nourisher.


Mukit Hydrokinesis
Water Manipulator

Mukit has hydrokinetic powers in the strictest sense of the term: he can manipulate water, but not generate it. He can give the water he controls specific shapes and alter the composition of the liquid in a variety of ways, including manipulation of the particles that form the water to alter its density. This allows him to reduce the effects of underwater pressure when diving and to form quasi-solid constructs of super-pressurized water. With his powers enhanced to maximum intensity by a triad link, Mukit's water constructs are powerful enough to contain the eruption of an undersea vulcano for several minutes.


Despite his control over water, Mukit cannot breathe underwater.

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