Muir Island Saga Trade Paperback

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I can understand how Marvel likes to reprint Inferno, Fall Of The Mutants and The Mutant Massacre all the time as these are heavily discussed crossovers but why don`t they ever seem inclined to reprint The Muir Island Saga in a relatively affordable and up to date edition?

I mean this was an entertaining crossover, at least it was to me anyways. It featured amongst other things:

  • The return of Colossus and Rogue to the X-Men after periods of absence.
  • Banshee`s departure from the X-Men (he would later reappear during the Phalanx Covenant)
  • The merging of the original X-Men back into the team (They had been adventuring as X-Factor for about seventy issues) which led to the creation of the Gold and Blue teams and the creation of the first incarnation of Peter David`s X-Factor line-up.
  • The Shadow King`s subversion of Legion and the subsequent destruction of Legion`s fragile mind leaves Xavier`s son in a coma until he recovers just in time to raise hell in the Legionquest crossover (which kickstarted the Age Of Apocalypse)
  • Lots of great action. And some more early nighties Wolverine Vs Gambit facing off that was all the rage at the time.

For those reasons and many more, I wish they make a nice glossy tpb of this crossover. :)

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