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Little is known about Darla so far, however she has been compared to celebrities Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan. She joined the new Fantastic Four when she was asked to by the Human Torch at the last minute after an overnight stay.


Ms. Thing was created by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred and first appeared in Marvel NOW! Point One #1.

Major Story Arcs

Darla and the Human Torch begin dating and attending high society events together, like Dr. Doom's art show in Latveria. After one of their nights together the Human Torch finally remembers that he needs a replacement since his team is leaving Earth for four minutes. He enlists Darla since she is the only person around when he remembers. She agrees.

Powers & Abilities

Ms. Thing presumably has super-strength and durability in her suit, and has the basic powers of The Thing. To transform into Ms. Thing, Darla utilizes the Thing Rings, created by Dragon Man.

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