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Another Disappointing Installment

The Story: 

Ms. Marvel comes back from the "dead" to face off against the woman who has stolen her identity; Moonstone.  

My Thoughts:

Brian Reed continues his run on this series which feels as if it's gone on for far too long. Unfortunately Marvel has stuck with Reed since the beginning of this series and it has yet to impress me. It's not as if it's just completely horrible, but the mediocre parts definitely overshadow the good times it's so rarely had. Once again another mundane idea is delivered in this story arc.

Basically there's two Ms. Marvel's in this storyline. One is Carol Danvers and the other is Catherine Donovan. She was split into different beings at the hands of the Storyteller. Both beings ends up fighting Moonstone. Brian Reed attempts to capture readers interest by the exceedingly high amount of action in this story arc. However it's as empty and emotionless as most of his writing tends to be. While I love action-packed comics, I didn't really find myself caring too much while these characters exchanged an ample amount of fists page after page. 

One other minor thing I noticed was that Wolverine appeared in here at the New Avengers hideout in New York. Around this same time he's a part of the X-Men's ongoing situation in San Francisco. That must be one hell of a commute traveling back and forth all the time like that.

The art was probably my favorite thing about this comic. There were two different styles, both of which were pretty awesome. The artists were Sana Takeda, Sergio Arino and Philippe Briones. The coloring style was really what caught my eye. If nothing else this comic offers a nice art presentation. 

I did like the ending of the final issue. The last part pertaining to Ms. Marvel and Moonstone was written pretty well. I thought it was pretty awesome how Ms. Marvel ripped Moonstone's moonstone out of her and gave her quite the dilemma to think about. Brian Reed has rare moments such as these but not nearly enough to make his run on this series a memorable one. 

Rating: 2/5

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