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BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! Rogue appears in the pages of MS. MARVEL! But, if Rogue is a friend, why is Carol Danvers attacking her?! What can Beast of the X-Men do to help? And what does Ms. Marvel’s old call sign “Warbird” have to do with ANY of this?! Writer Brian Reed is joined by special guest artist Mike Wieringo in part one of a tingling two-part saga!Earlier in the evening, Carol returned home to discover her former nemesis Rogue, now a member of the heroic X-Men, waiting for her. Rogue had encountered a duplicate of Carol and brought her home, thinking she was the real Carol. In fact, the mystery woman was Warbird, the Carol Danvers of an alternate universe.

After a brief battle between Rogue and Warbird, Ms. Marvel sought out the help of Hank McCoy, aka Beast, of the X-Men. Beast quickly deduced that Warbird was from a universe where the invasion of Spaulding, Georgia was not stopped by Carol Danvers, thus allowing her entire Earth to be destroyed.

Seeing the worst elements of herself in this visitor from another world, Ms. Marvel lost her temper and attacked Warbird. The two battled for several moments before their photon energies mixed, knocking them both unconscious several hundred feet above the X-Men's Mansion. When the duo hit the ground, Beast found that Ms. Marvel hed no pulse...

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