frank_malone21's Ms. Marvel #7 - Healing Factor Part Two of Two review

Why not Ms. Marvel?

In DC comic's selfie cover month how strange is it that the best selfie cover is a Marvel title? The team up of Kamala and Wolverine was too funny like when he started getting grossed out by her powers. Logan's complaining of getting older and Kamala's complaining about parents felt like a grandfather grand daughter back and forth discussion more than 2 hero's interacting. The art was enjoyable for the fun issue this was and the ending left me eager to see where this title will go next month. My title of why not Ms.Marvel is a direct response to all the people itching for a female led super hero movie. Why can't Kamala be that face? She's new and so unknown that her cinematic universe can be so new and fresh. Because of her name she can have ties to the Avengers universe or the Inhumans because of how she got her powers,therefore drawing the die hard Marvel fans while also drawing in the younger female "Hunger Games" or "Twilight" Teeny bopper crowd. But either way Ms.Marvel is truly a great monthly read that is a must read for anyone who hasn't gotten on board with it yet.

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    I have really been looking forward to this book each week it comes out. Ms. Marvel has a lot of good qualities going for it, but what I think pushes it over the edge is just the sheer fun this book has. It really reminds me of those first Spider-Man comics, back when Peter Parker was in high school, dealing with real issues, but also just having fun being Spider-Man. Ms. Marvel uses that same spirit to create a new character in Kamala Khan, a Muslim girl living in New Jersey. I know what some of...

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