aerik's Ms. Marvel #43 - War Of The Marvels, Part. 2: Tactical Dispositions review

Stupid Blondie

I'm blond so I'm allowed to say that. A moderatly good read because I'm exciting at the return of Carol but once again disappointed at her for causing so much destruction during her encounter with her counter-part. Once again, she is supposed to be a hero, striving to be the best and once again failing miserably. She doesn't really think sometimes. So Typical Blond! lol ARRGH!

Posted by Evpraksiya

You can be a hero and have a bad day she's human' s more about her hot headed personnality plus Moonstone. Dumb blond are peroxyded one for most. So striving to be the best doesn't mean being perfect. She at least isn't hypocrite like some other heros look at dictators they think they are the best but their behaviour doesn't match.  
Plus fighting her counterpart is not for fun, would you like it if a bitch was messin around under your identity ?

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    Make a decision, People!! 0

    I'm enjoying this arc so far, and its rather intriguing; I just wish they could stick with ONE artist. I really like Sana Takeda's work (its one of the reason I started reading Ms. Marvel again), and I like Arino's pencil work, but the color in this issue definately leaves something to be desired. It feels flat and a little washed-out, and in a few places, it gets a little hard to follow the action. But despite that, it was a solid issue, and I'm really curious to see where Reed takes this!...

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