mask_of_tengu's Ms. Marvel #25 - The Secret Invasion!: Part 1 review


I have to admit...I have been a harsh reviewer of Ms. Marvel...the book was stagnant when I started reading it with issue picked up the pace with the addition of Sleepwalker (one of my favorite characters from when I was younger) and Machine Man (completely hilarious character.) This is issue is what Ms Marvel should be all the time...emotional, funny, and just a good story.

This is a tie-in with Skrull Infiltration...but it does it well and actually explains some of what the Skrulls are up to. We are even given an old school look at when Carol killed a Skrull before she became Ms Marvel.

The art is stunning and I am really liking this new artist, Adriana Melo. Reed has sculpted Marvel into an actually cool character and this issue is a great jumping on point for new readers. Great job!


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