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Flashback to Julia Carpenter's arrest after running from Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man. Her daughter, Rachel, is seen being taken away as she is sent to the prison in the Negative Zone.

Two days ago.

Carol talks to Tony Stark about wanting to do something for Julia. She feels bad that she was arrested and taken away in front of her daughter. Tony tries telling her that despite being a former Avenger, Julia is still guilty and shouldn't recieve special favors.

Now, Brooklyn, New York.

Arachne (Julia Carpenter) confronts Araña as she leaves her former job demanding to know where her daughter is. When Anya says she doesn't know, Julia then demands to know where Carol is.

Above in a minicarrier, Ms. Marvel instructs her team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that Julia is not one of the villains they are trying to track down. She wants to use this as a test run to see how the team works. Carol decides that she and Wonder Man need to try to take a different approach this time when confronting Julia. She soon realizes that they are close to where Anya lives. She rushes off knowing that Julia would be going after her. She finds Anya standign over an unconscious Julia.

In Anderson, Indiana, a couple of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents watch over the A.I.M. base that was taken down by Ms. Marvel and her team. Bored, they are soon taken out by surprise by two A.I.M. agents. They are there to recover a "package."

Back on the minicarrier, Julia wakes up to find herself alone in a room with Carol. Carol tells her she doesn't want to fight and that she wants to help her. Carol tells her that no one took Rachel away. She stayed with Julia's parents after she was arrested. They are no longer there. Carol tells her that she'll have her team start looking for them right away.

The psy-ops are soon able to track down Julia's parents in Ohio after her mother used a credit card to buy groceries. Julia is reunited with her daughter. Her dad tries taking Rachel away saying she brought a war to their doorstep. He's been trying to hide her to keep her safe.

Julia is told she will recieve a full pardon but since her parents have custody of Rachel, that will have to be sorted in the courts. Tony wants her to become part of the Canadian government group, Omega Flight. She thinks it could be a good thing. As she's about to leave, Julia tells Carol that what has happened is not forgotten and will never be forgiven.

Back in Indiana, the A.I.M. agents find the package. It seems they were hiding a DNA bomb in "extra dimensions" and was undetectable by S.H.I.E.L.D. It is revealed that M.O.D.O.K. is the one behind the bomb.

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