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The seeds of Ms. Marvel’s upcoming new status quo are planted here! Killer robots! Contagious zombies! Impatient teen side-kicks! Could it get any worse for Carol Danvers? You bet – because as our heroine battles the cybernetic psychopath known as the Doomsday Man, she learns a terrifying truth about herself! All this, plus Araña and Wonder Man! Writer Brian Reed (New Avengers: Illuminati) and penciler Roberto De La Torre welcome onboard new cover artist Greg Horn (She-Hulk) – and get you ready for next month’s new era!

Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel continues to fight inside an A.I.M. facility where the Doomsday Man was kept. She finds herself fighting a horde of zombies. It turns out that they are contageous. The slightest touch turns that person into a zombie.

Thinking she can defeat the Doomsday Man as she did in the past, Carol finds that he's had some upgrades. She has also become infected by a zombie. Doomsday Man takes advantage of this and nearly defeats her.

Thinking she's about to die, Carol sees a bright light and hears voices. Somehow, her broken rib and zombie infection have been healed.

Tired of waiting outside, Araña ventures inside to join the fight. Doomsday Man tears her carapace off, not knowing that it's not just a costume but part of Anya.

Enraged, Carol knocks Doomsday Man outside and gives him a serious beat-down. She tears Kerwin Korman out of the Doomsday suit. With a "thank you," Korman passes out.

At an A.I.M. bunker, it seems that involving Ms. Marvel with the Doomsday suit was a plan to test it out. It seems that there is a group of A.I.M. members that wish to kill their leader, M.O.D.O.K..

At the hospital, Anya's father yells at Carol to stay away from his daughter.

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