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Genuinely enjoyable

About a week ago I read theAll-New Marvel Now Point One Issue #1 (that name is way too long) and really liked the bit that included the new Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), and after hearing a positively glowing endorsement from a friend I decided to give this title a shot, and I am very glad that I did. The writing and art worked together seamlessly to produce a somewhat unusual yet captivating feel that's utterly enjoyable and will, hopefully, continue throughout the rest of this series. While I've never had the pleasure of reading anything by the writer before now, I do remember seeing Adrian Alphona's art in the past, and it's nice to see him getting work.

That aside, I'd like to really get into why I enjoyed this comic so much.

Kamala is, in all honesty, likely one of the best written, most genuinely likeable characters I've come across in comics in a long time (maybe ever, to be honest). She's funny, kind of quirky, naive, interesting, and outright charming. She's an unconventionally attractive (by comic standards) teenager who writes Avengers fanfiction from a progressive Muslim family from Jersey who gets shape-shifting powers and decides to emulate her idol, Ms. Marvel, and if that's not a great concept for a character I don't think I know what is. Though I admit to being pretty much 100% sold on Kamala from what I read of her in the aformentioned All-New Marvel Now Point One Issue #1, she totally won me over in the scene where Ms Marvel, Captain America and Iron Man descend from on high like angelic messengers in a terrigen-fueled hallucination and Kamala declares that she wants to be like Ms Marvel "...except that I would wear the classic, politically incorrect costume and kick butt in giant wedge heels".

Also, while it may seem kind of silly, I consider it extremely cool that the new Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman. While I haven't been following the Inhumanity event that's going on right now, I am aware that it's an event that spans the Marvel universe as a whole at the moment (and that it involved the terrigen mists being unleashed on humanity en masse, but it's not like that hasn't happened before...), and thusly it makes sense that a new hero would be a result of terragenesis. Personally I'm hoping that this title's ties to Inhumanity don't mean that it's just a tie-in, but I suppose only time will tell. On a side note, a friend of mine pointed out some similarities between the events of this issue and the origin of Static Shock. Just some food for thought.

In conclusion, this comic was an utter delight to read, and I give it 5/5 stars.

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Posted by SC

Oh! So you were reviewing all the comics you like when CV's notification glitch was running amok, heh heh. I like this review, and I felt the same way. I really enjoy the synergy between Kamala's powers and personality and how they can act as extensions of her thoughts and reactions.

Also I just like that they are taking a few risks with this book, and I really hope that it lasts a few years, if it keeps up first issue quality. (Oh also like I am with a few other users at CV, I'll try and make my way through your back catalogue of reviews when I have the time. I was totally unaware of when they were being posted due to that glitch)

Posted by Squares

@sc: Guess I was, lol. I'm glad you like the review, and I agree that Kamala's powers suit her quite well. Hopefully the series will continue, and, like you said, keep being consistently good quality.

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