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Geraldine Grundy is the teacher of both English and Mathematics at Riverdale High School. Her last name is a pun on the theatrical character "Mrs. Grundy" introduced in "Speed the Plough" (1798) by Thomas Morton (1764-1838). Mrs. Grundy in the play was the personification of the tyranny of conventional propriety. By the 19th century the term "Mrs. Grundy" had become synonymous to the term "prude". Miss Grundy was thus introduced as prudish old spinster, keeping a watchful eye on her students.

Since her introduction in the 1940s, Grundy has been developed to a more likeable figure. She deeply cares for her various students and pushes them to develop their skills through her lessons. She also convinces various students to use their personal skills in ways that benefit both themselves and the school community. The students tend to grumble at the efforts demanded of them but seem to genuinely respect and even like Grundy. The teacher trying to make the difference at their lives. She served in the Military, as a WAC, and actually outranks Mr Weatherbee.

In Life with Archie #6, Ms Grundy died of cancer.

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