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Mrs. Macik is the mother of the the mutant Teon who is one of the first new mutants to activate since M-Day. When Teon's powers activated neither her or her husband had any idea what to do to help him. Teon would eventually go missing and and the Macik's had no idea where he went or if he was okay. It wasn't until they recieved a call from the X-Men that they even knew he was alive. The X-Men told them that their son ws with them and was okay and getting help. This did not comfort the Maciks and they filled a lawsiuit against the X-Men to get their son back. During the trial Mrs. Macik told the court that she wanted her son back so they could find a way to help her son and bring back her old son. When Teon spoke to the court he told them that he was not the same son that they once had, that boy was dead. But from that boy he was created and that should be some comfort. He told his parents that he was happy now the way he is.

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