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When the world's intelligence agencies hit a dead end in their investigation of the secret global criminal organization known only as Vulture, they asked the super-hero Martian Manhunter for help. By pretending to be the recently (presumed) deceased international playboy Marco Xavier, J'onn J'onzz learned that the hi-tech mafia was run by Mr. V, a mastermind who communicated with his various cells of goons through teleconferencing. The Manhunter spent months based in the Mediterranean in his covert identity, pursuing the kingpin he mockingly called "Faceless," while Mr. V used his army of hoods and wealth of weaponry to attempt to wipe the Martian off the planet.

Across numerous gambits, they checked one another. At one point, the Martian Manhunter unmasked Mr. V, only to learn it was simply a henchman named Zoltar in disguise. At one point, J'onzz was brainwashed into believing that he himself was Faceless, and sent to battle his friends in the Justice League of America. Finally, J'onzz as Marco Xavier became wanted by authorities, and led into a trap by Mr. V, who was revealed to be the yet surviving true Marco Xavier. V/Xavier appeared to perish in an explosion, as did the Vulture organization, but the world may never know the truth of the matter...

Powers & Abilities

Mister V was a fair combatant when armed, but he usually had his minions in Vulture and their extraordinary devices to do his dirty work for him.

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