Mr. Terrific should be DC's Mr. Fantastic

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I kow they havent really said anything besides that he is still the worlds 3rd smartest man but i would like to see him be the Reed Richards of the DCU. It's always kind of been hinted at that Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are the only two men smarter than Michael Holt and their roles are very defind already even as the DCnU has yet to come out. We know Bruce will be batman and Lex will ultimately be Superman's main event Villain (whether they have said so or not). We know what Mr. Terrific is going to look like  and we know he still has his T spheres. He just seems like the best choice for the position. He is the most undefined character of the 3 with the least tying him down. 
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I am excited for his solo book and hope they can do some great things with him. If not DC's Mr. Fantastic but at least DC's Black Panther. Not as flashy as the big guns but ready for just about anything....though I prefer the T mask to the M mask. At least he's got the T on his chest.

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Id like to see his role greatly expanded. 

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Personally, I miss his jacket

#5 Posted by PrinceIMC (5505 posts) - - Show Bio
@cattlebattle said:
Personally, I miss his jacket
Hopefully he'll go somewhere cold and realize the jacket is useful.
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for some reason i get this vibe from looking at his new suit that if he needs it he will have some kind of technology that builds it's self around his arms to look kind of like Jax from mortal Kombat 
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I really do hope dc use him as the go to guy for scienfic and tech problems. And the costume has grown on me the t-spheres are actually coming out from the sides.
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How about Mister Terrific is DC's Mister Terrific?

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He's a great character and I miss his old look already.

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He should have been on the new Justice League.

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Whats that even supposed to mean? 
See i for tech stuff i always thought Cyborg, Batman or Mr. Terrific would be the go to guy
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YES!! he should be!! however he shouldn't be like Mr.Fantastic, just get the amount of respect Reed gets, i want the justice league to have to go to him when they can't figure something out, i want him to really show just how smart he is, have organizations like CADMUS or R.E.B.E.L go to him to explain the unexplainable, hopefully they'll do this in his new series, he definitely needs to get some more credit 
on a side note, i actually don't think Bruce and Lex are the smartest, to me it's been 
1. Oracle 
2. Batman 
3. Mr. Terrific 
4. Lex Luthor 
5. T.O Morrow

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his new look is cool

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@daredevil21134 said:

                    his new look is cool


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hopefully eric wallace gets better with mister terrific because he has  got mixed reviews on the first issue. also they need yo keep the artwork at a good pace and make the characters look good.

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I agree with u

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