roxanne_starr's Mr. Stuffins #2 review

Get Stuffed!

Mr. Stuffins has a secret…inside his fluffy little body. It’s a secret program, meant to be implanted in a giant killing machine, but all the best laid plans of teddy bears and men often go awry. So we find out in Mr. Stuffins #1.

Zach is a little boy with two type A parents who are about to get separated. His father takes some time out of his busy day to buy Zach a toy at the mall, hoping that a gift will make the boy feel better about his tenuous life. The father shows the boy a football, trying to distract him from reading about all the features of an EZ-Bake oven. But in the end another toy catches Zach’s eye, a “Mr. Stuffins Teddy Bear”. The bear turns out to be the depository of a top-secret chip that was implanted in haste when a certain Black Ops type individual found himself cornered in the mall.

Zach goes home to his mother, his slutty sister and his sad life, while his father goes on with his business. During the night, Mr. Stuffins comes to life and the mayhem begins, but mostly in the form of bragadacious bravado to impress Zach. In issue #2, Mr. Stuffins actually confronts some bad-ass operatives who break into Zach’s home in order to kidnap his family. By the end of this issue, the mystery becomes full-blown. This is really, to my surprise, a very well written book.


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