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Character History

Plucking a plane out of air
Mr. Mystic was an American Diplomat who was endowed with supernatural powers by a mysterious group of Lamas.  These powers give him tremendous ability and he is also invulnerable due to an amulet he wears.  He has the power to transform himself or anyone else into another object.  He also has the ability to melt people.  He can enlarge his body to the point where he can capture airplanes in midair.  He can also transport himself and anyone/anything he is holding instantaneously to another location.
Unlike most heroes Mr. Mystic fights crime more evenly across the globe.  He regularly would be seen in countries like Dakar and Nigeria in Africa as well as fight crime in the United States.  He tends to fight villains who also have either magical or occult like powers. 
Mr. Mystic and Lady Luck have been revived by IDW publishing.

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