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573972 Novawing Character Overview 11/27/14 11:20AM 1 Approved
286156 jeffreyv2512 Character Overview 11/24/13 01:26AM 1 Approved
245627 dondave Character Overview 10/13/13 12:46PM 19 Approved
245623 dondave Character Overview 10/13/13 12:39PM 17 Approved
228119 sinestro_GL Character Overview 09/28/13 04:39AM 16 Approved
176906 beowulfy Character Overview some details 08/08/13 12:49PM 2 Approved
155956 sinestro_GL Character Overview 07/20/13 01:03AM 59 Approved
69554 dulude Character Overview a small correcion, words repeated 05/18/13 06:19PM 1 Approved
66037 dulude Character Overview hi! some details to complement 05/16/13 07:49PM 10 Approved
60326 dulude Character Overview correcting some spelling and details 05/13/13 09:27PM 8 Approved
51428 IanAubrey Character Overview 05/06/13 11:01PM 55 Approved
24261 PowerHerc Character Overview 04/16/13 07:34AM 36 Approved
24244 PowerHerc Character Overview 04/16/13 07:14AM 5 Approved
24213 PowerHerc Character Overview 04/16/13 06:59AM 40 Approved
10390 beowulfy Character Overview I'm complementing the powers and abilities of the character without plagiarizing hope you enjoy it. 04/03/13 09:20PM 58 Approved
9372 NaffyDuck Character Overview Updated for New 52 appearance. 04/03/13 07:33AM 13 Approved
8417 beowulfy Character Overview complement in the powers abilities and equipement 04/02/13 10:38AM 0 Denied

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