Life equation?

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I know there's an anti-life equation in the dc universe, but is there a life equation? I read that Mister Miracle told Firestorm that he was a quarter of the life equation (along with Red tornado, Naiad, and Swamp Thing). Did this ever get touched upon again?

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Must've been Shilo Norman who said that.  The four characters mentioned above do represent the 4 classic elements.  In Brightest Day, however, Hawkman and Hawkgirl took the place of Red Tornado, while Aquaman stood in for Naiad.

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@MrMiracle77: Hey, Miracle, there was a Meet-Up at my local comicbook shop and through word-of-mouth, I've heard that the New Gods are getting a reboot come summer of 2012 under the pen of Grant Morrison. Have you heard anything about that? I'm just curious is all. Scott Free is my favorite DC character and I thinks it's high time for the NewGods as a whole to get some good writers behind them.

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Well there a Creation Equation in the WSU a dont know if thats the same thing

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Grant Morrison used Life equation somehow, in the miniseries Seven soldiers: Mr. Miracle-miniseries. The Life equation seems to be (if I got it right) the kindness of universes beings (for example, humans) and kind deeds. That`s it.

But that wasn`t what you asked. Well, anyhow. It has been used in that mini. And possibly in Jack Kirbys fourth world.


Wasn`t Jack Kirby a great writer? = )

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Indeed he was one of the greats!

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Yeah, Jack Kirby's original version of the anti-life equation doesn't really leave it open for a life equation in the sense of having an opposite. However, they did some screwy things with FC and now we have new universe so who knows.

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