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Mr Mighty claims that his real name is Barb-Ell (son of Dumb-Ell, who is a parody of Jor-El). He was born the planet Neon. His father tried to warn the citizens of Neon that the planet was going to explode! But, no one listened. So he launched his son into space. However, Neon didn't explode and Barb-Ell turned out to be a crack pot.

Later Life

On Earth, Mr Mighty founded the Freedom Brigade, with the alter ego Mr Brent. But, he later retired and married his former-fellow-hero the Mermaid (Aquaman parody). Their son, Leaner Brent (Awkwardman), was born with his super strength. He forced his son to follow in his footsteps. He later taught at Dean Egghead's Academy for Super-Heroes (parody of the X-Men).


Mr. Mighty's only known superhuman power was super strength.

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