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I think it's funny that Majestic and Spartan are (or were) good friends but Majestic has killed him a number of times. 
He killed him in Team One (when he was still flesh and blood) in order to stop Daemonites. 
He killed him decades later when an evil part of him that survived the previous killing became Kaizen Gamorra. 
He killed him (now as a robot) when he had Void powers in order to reset the universe when Daemonites had taken over. 
He killed him after World's End when the Wildcats came to see what he was doing in Hawaii (but he had a backup body). 
I'm pretty sure he killed him some other times but I can't remember at the moment.
I think Spartan killed him twice back though. Actually one time he only thought he was dead (and Majestic came back to kill him, it was the universe-resetting time), but the other time was at the end of the universe and that time it helped Majestic ascend to Spartan's level of godhood. 













He's talking to Gamorra/Spartan






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@Buckshot: The best pastime for best friends who can heal
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I still think they can be friends. The first time when Majestic killed Spartan(John Colt) he hesitate it was John Colt that told him to do it seeing that the mission was more important than anything else. The second time was different because John Colt essnce was gone and was transferred into Spartan body that Spartan was had John Colt ID in gang war. What was left of the body was nothing when the body regenerate and start developing it own ID. The only emotion it was capable of feeling at the time was rage and hate when.It was easy for Majestic to kill him because he did not feel that he was John Colt '' There was only John Colt evil one'' then the evil John Colt says that '' who dares i wear Colt true body i am John Colt! then Majestic responed '' You are a pestilence a tumor that infected the most noble hero of his day. Once long ago the real John Colt asked me to rid him of that tmor and i am here to complete that operation''. It was easy for to do it the secod time because felt that he someone else. The 3rd time i dealt Spartan knows what happen since that was a different timeline. 
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@Buckshot Who`s the Huge guy in that last scan?

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@Chaos Prime: It's just a random robot that Majestic made to hold Spartan so that the Daemonites possessing him would go after Maj instead.
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@MisterGuyMan said:
" @Chaos Prime: It's just a random robot that Majestic made to hold Spartan so that the Daemonites possessing him would go after Maj instead. "
Ok thxs for that :-) Shame he hasent got a name tho he would be a good edition to the battle forums Lol
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Spartan's whole schtick is dying so it's not a big deal.  I'm sure more than a few of Wolvie's ex-operator friends have shot him just for giggles.  Like this Spawn/Batman incident... 

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The true Spartan There can only be one!!!!
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@GT-Man said: 
I dunno, in videogames, Halo is a huge franchise and their use of Spartan probably challenges that contention.
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Probably but there can only be one and god of war was the first true Spartan well actually I don't know I love halo too both I love but Wildstorms Spartan I don't care much for.

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