So whats the big deal?

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So on every battle thread that invovles Mr.Majestic ther is always a whole bunch of people you say he can stomp who ever it is he is faced agenst then some how it becomes a Majestic vs Superman thread. Then ther is a debate on who could win out of supes and majestic but during this just about all the majestic fans say hes stronger and overall better than supes so i say WTF where are the feats to support this cause no one ever posts feats. So yea whats so great obut this dude?

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@Z3RO180: @Buckshot said:

@Z3RO180: If they were equal in strength, Superman would be able to move Jupiter like Majestic did, instead he struggles to move Earth or the Moon with help on more than one occasion. And Majestic isn't just a trained swordsman, he's a master combatant trained in armed and unarmed combat of many sorts and was a skilled fighter from childhood who has been honing his skill for thousands of years. And I'm not sure why people don't realize he holds back too...

That's what I responded with a week ago in a Majestic/Superman thread when you suggested they had equal strength. Images of those feats were also in that thread.

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Superman morals with great enforcement

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Superman kills his evil copy.

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@AweSam said:

Superman kills his evil copy.

Uh...Majestic isn't evil.

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Think Superman's brute strenght with Bruce Wayne intellect (or more??? reed richards?) and Wonder Woman's fighting ability.

When you add Wonder Woman who's abit weaker than Superman yet can still keep up with him due to her warrior skills, Batman with his contingency plans and prepping, and Superman who's freaking strong.... you get Majestic =D

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Mr Majestic will beat Superman.

Although i am a dc fan it was kinda cheap how they had Atom saying "Majestic doesn't hit as hard as Superman" in Countdown

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