Is he going to pop up any time soon?

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So yea is he at any pouint going to show up in the DCNU? I remember reading on this somewhere that he was going to pop up in Red Hood and The Outlaws issue 10 or 11 and then he didnt. So any news on this little question.

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I hope so. And I hope they don't de-power the hell out of him like with some other characters

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I hope he does.

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While I do hope they bring him back and not depower him personally I am just waiting for the time when they separate the dc and wildstorm universe's again.

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Want to see a showdown between Helspont and a team up of Superman, Apollo, Martian Manhunter, and Mr. Majestic. You know that would be boss...

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@alexander121793: that wont happen its pretty clear both universes are one in the same

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