God Majestic

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Anyone have any scans of God Majestic?

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@DarkKnight96000:  Who is God Majestic?
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And just so it's in a place where people can find it: Some powers of "god version" Maj (as demonstrated or given by the other Universals).

instant travel (you're there before you left kind of thing) through space, time, cosmoses, dimensions, and probability 
projections (he "projected" fully independent duplicates of himself on accident when he was becoming a Universal)
his thoughts become reality
omniscience/infinite wisdom (and power)
control over "all that is known and unknown in reality"
immortality/life before, after and beyond time
the universe is a complete unified entity that he is at the head of     
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Mr. Majestic defeats current Superman. I think out of the alternate versions of Superman, Superman One Million and Golden Superman could defeat Mr. Majestic. But God Majestic defeats every version of Superman all at once.

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