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While Mr. Majestic patrols space he's attacked by a multi-tentacled enemy. After defeating it he discovers that it was just a probe that was getting the lay of the land before whatever sent it could come and eat the entire solar system. He remembers hearing stories of something that he had thought was only a myth and comes to the conclusion that what is coming is not something that he can fight in the normal way. He comes up with a plan and, after discussing it with some of the smartest minds on the planet, decides to do it. Instead of fighting the thing, he will confuse it. He plans to move the planets and celestial bodies of the solar system so when the thing comes, it doesn't see what its probe told it was there and hopefully won't eat everything. He moves planets, travels to other solar systems to get extra moons, he moves Earth itself and even creates a second sun. To hide all this from the people of Earth, he builds machines that surround the Earth and create a fake sky that looks like how things were before he changed them. After months of work, the thing finally comes. The Cosmic Negator comes to devour the solar system but sees that everything is wrong. He leaves and Majestic breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that if push came to shove, he wasn't sure he could fight the Wrathful God-Being of Universal Nihilism. After it's gone he gets to work putting everything back.

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