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When Linderman was a teenager, he was in the vietnam war, he was a loner who liked to read books, while him and his war buddies were going to a Vietnamese base, they were ambushed and were being shot at. At the end of the shooting, only Arthur Petrelli and Linderman survived but it was revealed that Arthur Petrelli was shot, Linderman went to him and put his hands over the wound and when Linderman took his hands away, the wound on Arthur Petrelli was healed and disappeared. Linderman then remembers the last night he spent with his family, his mother was dying and Linderman learnt to use his power and healed her, after that, his parents were afraid of him and Linderman ran away from home.

Back at the vietnam war, Arthur Petrelli wanted to continue with the mission and the mission was to destroy a peaceful village called Au Co, at first Linderman didn't want to carry out the mission but Arthur Petrelli finally persuaded him to join him and destroy the village. Linderman and Petrelli were getting ready to destroy the village and they rig up explosives everywhere in the village, when the explosives went off, Linderman and Petrelli runs out to carry on with their mission. They then notice that Au Co was not the village but was in fact a little girl with a special ability. Petrelli shoots at her and Linderman tries to stop him shooting her but he was too late, she was already shot. Petrelli stops Linderman from going near her so that he couldn't heal her. Au Co dies and after they completed their mission, they both get a medal of valor for completeing their mission. Austin then refuses to tell people how he was able to heal Petrelli, they then parted and went their seperate ways. Later, Linderman went to Central park and met with Petrelli and says that he understands that he needs to sacrifice for the greater good. Petrelli then said that they will archieve great things together.

Linderman then founded a company named "The Linderman Group", his company ran hotels and casinos to cover all the illegal things the Company were doing. He rigged the election so that Nathan Petrelli could win and become a congressman, he also used Niki and Micah so that Nathan could win the election. Linderman was finally killed by DL after he shot him.

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