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The Golden Age

Mr. Incredible At The Top Of His Game!

The 1960's was the Golden Age for superheroes being one of the most famous was Mr. Incredible. He had many T.V. appearances concerning interviews, and many, many other things. One day out fighting crime he came across a robber on a rooftop where he would meet his future wife Elastigirl. One night doing his regular saves he came across this man who didn't want to be saved trying to commit suicide by jumping a off building. Mr. Incredible was sued. This event started an onslaught of other lawsuits, and complaints about collateral damage. The government thought it best for all the "supers" to go into hiding.

The Adventure Began

Robert Parr married Elastigirl. She has the ability to stretch and contort her body. He was eventually late for the wedding, but he then switched his car back to the normal, non-interesting black box car. He ran in, and he then had his mask taken off by his friend. So, he went in, walked down the isle, and there was Helen waiting for him. They whispered back and fourth about how this would effect there life, and what they would have to do on the phase they were getting married, and with them getting married they decided to have a normal life. Robert and Helen Parr ended up having three children, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack. All of the children inherited their parents super human powers. Violet is able to generate force fields able to withstand great pressure. Dash has superhuman speed and agility. Jack Jack has powers that fluctuates that comes and go. He began working as a tax assistant. He went to work everyday, as he normally did, working in a small, small, small, very small cubicle for his size of man. Until one day, he had a client who was quite old, and she was crying, trying to get the money that her husband had gained through his long relationship with Insurance, the company that Robert worked for. He then gave here a security code through the company, and gave here an address to a lady's office who could help here get the exact amount of money. He told her to act like he had denied her, and she went down the hall of cubicles, fake crying. It was then that his small, and somewhat annoying boss came in, and scolded him for him doing that to every, Sally sob-story (as his boss called them) that came running to him.

Bob and his boss

So later he called Robert into his office, and gave him a lecture. "A company is like an enormous, clock. Yet the clock will not work unless all the gears, work together", his boss said as he continued the lecture. But then Parr saw a man getting mugged, and his boss kept saying for him to turn and look at him. "He got away", Bob said as he stared angrily at the back alley that the man was there mugged. "Good, we'll make sure not to cover that!" Bob's boss yelled. Yet he was so mad at that, that he through his boss through five walls, and realized he was fired after seeing his boss in the hospital. The government was going to help them move one last time if they wanted to but promised that they can't help them anymore.

Reliving the Glory Days

The Mysterious Woman

While in hiding Robert, and Frozone (also in hiding) would go on secret missions on their own, with their wives thinking they're going bowling. On one of these missions they saved people from a burning building about to collapse and accidentally going from the burning building to inside a jewelry store they tripped the alarm. After a close a escape, this mysterious woman found out they're secret identities and instead only getting Mr. Incredible's, they also get Frozone's. After Robert loses his job and having nothing else to lose, The mysterious lady contacts Mr. Incredible who only wants to relive his glory days, expects this job the lady offers. He completed this first mission and was asked to go on other consecutive jobs.

The Past...


During his glory days, Mr. Incredible had a lot of fans but none compare to his biggest Buddy. Buddy idolized Mr. Incredible and wanted to be just like him. Buddy made Mr. Incredible's website and did everything that Mr. Incredible would have done. Buddy was very smart and created new inventions that would help him to become just like his hero, but during one of the missions Buddy followed and the supervillian BonVoyage escaped. Mr. Incredible told Buddy he works alone. No with a boy's dream broken and crushed Buddy had spent the rest of his life trying to find Mr. Incredible to destroy him. Buddy would turn into his nemesis and would be known as Syndrome.

Syndrome ever since that day made inventions to destroy all the supers because since he wasn't a real superhero and he wanted everyone to feel the same way. After this Mr. Incredible quickly realized that all off the resent missions had been a ploy to trap him, and to test the new machine Syndrome had created. Mr. Incredible also had found out that Syndrome had killed off all the real supers so he can pretend to be a one. Syndrome killed the supers by using his Omnidroid machine. When his family came to his rescue they had a run in with Syndrome. They were captured, but

The Capture

were released and went to the city where Syndrome was poised to attack. At the city where the machine was attacking Syndrome used his gadgets to try to stop the machine. As the machine was a learning one it stopped him. When Mr.Incredible and his family arrived they stopped the machine with the help of Frozone. When they returned to their house Syndrome, was already there holding Jack Jack, he flew up to his plane with the intent to keep him and train him as a sidekick. With quick thinking Mr. Incredible threw his wife up to the plane. While monaloging in mid-air Jack Jacks powers started to activate and he was to much for Syndrome to handle. When Mrs. Incredible caught the falling Jack Jack, Syndrome was sucked into the propeller of the plane and is presumed dead. Violet's force-field ability saves the family from the wreckage of Syndrome's jet. The Parrs take up their normal life, but when the city is threatened by the Underminer, they quickly don their outfits to fight him


Mr. Incredible's primary superpower is super strength. He is seen bench-pressing locomotives and throwing boulders at speed, even in middle age. This gives him a leaping ability of a few stories, with corresponding agility. Due his strength, also has good swimming ability, though his lung capacity does not appear to be substantially greater than a normal human's. His leg strength also gives him the ability to run significantly faster than a normal human—though neither his speed nor agility can approach that of his son, Dash.

Mr. Incredible also has a high degree of durability. He can withstand tremendous amounts of physical trauma, including multistory falls, the direct impact of a train, and breaking through brick walls. He can be cut, though, with tough, sharp metals and a suitable amount of force.

He also has very sharp senses. This power is seen when Bomb Voyage is about to blow open the vault of a sky rise building; Mr. Incredible is able to hear the faint beeping of the bomb from the other side of a bank vault.

Mr. Incredible does not exhibit superhuman intelligence, but his years of super-heroic experience allow him to rapidly formulate effective strategies to deal with opponents who cannot be bested by his strength alone. Mr. Incredible does not appear to have any superhuman weaknesses, but is as vulnerable as anyone to hubris from the veneration of his "glory days" and in middle age he has a bad back.

In the Operation Kronos database, Mr. Incredible was given a threat rating of 9.1, the highest rating of any of the Supers

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