Would Mr. Freeze make a good Star Sapphire?

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Throughout his appearances since his redesign in the animated series, Freeze has be shown off as being closed off to emotion.  That is except for one... Love.  Love for his wife for a long time until she became Lazara, and even after that he's had at least one other relationship.  So with that being said, since the star sapphires are all about love, since violet is love on the emotional spectrum, wouldn't freeze make the best one even, he's not hindered by any other emotions, and can't be affected by fear, so the sinestro corps wouldn't be useless against him, so what do you think, do I have a point or not? 

 Freeze +
 Star Sapphire Corps = ?
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Based on everything we know about him, he definitely fits the profile for becoming a Star Sapphire. It would be a lil strange seeing him wearing purple tho

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can men be Star Sapphires? I thought it was a girls only club?

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at first I was going to recommened not  droping acid before going on comicvine after reading your title  
but you have more then a point I think you have a brilliant idea there.  I mean brilliant.

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I wouldn't want to see him in that outfit. But your reasoning is sound enough =)

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Yeah I'm pretty sure he would even now...

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They only allow girls

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hence why mr freeze steals the crystales in the valentines update of dcuo lol

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