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I think I'd really like to see a well written (Duh) solo book for him. Not ongoing mind you, either a mini series or a graphic novel. He's definitely one of the more deep and interesting villains of Batman. And he certainly does have a sympathetic side to him. I'd just love to see a moody, dark, spotlight on ol' Vic. Maybe even an updated origin story? One that could really shed light on his heart break and desperation to save his wife. His breakdown after his failure. Creating the costume? Gimme a (n)ice psychological story!

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I got to say freeze in the new 52 he hases no good reason to be a villain anymore at all he had his revenge and killed that family it turns out that lady in the capsule wasn't his wife so his new motive or at least how batman decribed it "you love the cold that's all you ever loved" so now what he gonna do? Start freezing everything and be a jobber? I guess so...if he ever becomes a hero I'm routing for him get his own ongoing cause goddamnit he ain't much of a villain any more!

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