I liked Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin

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...when I was 7. Anybody else liked it when they saw it and they were below 10 years old? Nostalgia Critic made me realize it's a bad movie.

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Nostalgia Critic is awesome.

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Look I was 19 I thought there were 2 many cold jokes and not a good love intreast(Then again the director cut alot of Elle Mapherson role) Not to mention the two of them fighting over Ivy was stupid. Then again becuase I am a batman fan I bought the video just to see if when I saw it the first time it was as bad as I thought

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When I watched it the first time I was a little kid looking at his two favorite heroes on the big screen, of course I loved it. I also loved DBZ until I grew up

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When I first saw it, I thought it sucked.  I was well over the age of ten.  I think I was in High School... any how... I didn't knw Joel Schumacher was gay.  So, when I learned that fact and then re-watched the movie, it made more sense to me.  That and it explained the Nipples on the Bat Suit and the constant Crotch Shots. 


I enjoy the knowledge that he has formally apologized for making that movie. 

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It was a good comedy film.

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@Edamame said:
" It was a good comedy film. "
If you're drunk. And a masochist.
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@InnerVenom123 said:
" @Edamame said:
" It was a good comedy film. "
If you're drunk. And a masochist. "
Well, masochism?  Eh. A bit of a stretch.  
Comedy because it is so poorly made. Like the acting in horror films is so bad that I just laugh at it. LOL
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I liked Batman and Robin too!
it was just a bit of fun, and I understand how people got angry because it went against the comic.
But hey, it was 90's.
Ivy was awesome, she had good one-liners! - like in this clip. [:


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@MoonKnightFan123: Hail The Nostalgia Critic!
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I don't think it was as bad as everyone always says it is. But, I did have a problem with how they reduced Bane from a cunning Batman-level strategist to a mindless roaring thug.

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