The Best of Mr. Fantastic?

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To be honest I've never liked him, I think his powers are ...eww.  but I was wondering (Been the smartest man on earth and a powerful hero) about moments in the comics in which he have done some sort awesome...thing..thingy thing.... Like a awesome fact he performed that made him great in your eyes etc.

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Reed Richards once bulked hi body up to "Thing-like" proportions to fight Onslaught, he couldn't do it for long but it was still pretty interesting to see his get in touch with his "inner brute"!

#3 Posted by jloneblackheart (6014 posts) - - Show Bio

Fitting through a pin hole and stopping bullets not cool enough? Not only can he stretch, but he can bounce as well. He often uses his body + momentum as a weapon. I think that is pretty cool. Back in the early days he turned himself into a tire when a car got a flat so they could keep the car going. Not super cool, but it sure was funny. One of the coolest things I have seen was when Doctor Doom stretched him to his limits and used his body as a prison for the other members of the FF. He's great in my eyes because of his mind, but every now and then he does something really cool with his powers. Anything with stretching you can imagine. Reed isn't the powerhouse of the FF, that's what Thing is for. And when you see all the awesome things Invisible Woman and Human Torch can do, Reed can sometimes come off as bland.


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