Is Batman actually smarter than Mr. Fantastic?

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#51 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23334 posts) - - Show Bio
@FinalStar86 said:
" They are both smart in their own way.Who's going to build a machine capable of sucking Galactus dry of his power? Reed.Who's going to win in a chess game? Bruce. "
This "
#52 Posted by Thor's hammmer (7184 posts) - - Show Bio

different ways reed quantum physics smart bruce is more practically smart
#53 Posted by Manchine (4173 posts) - - Show Bio

Reed is way beyond Batman.  If I made a list Batman wouldn't even be in the top 10.
#54 Posted by MrFantastic (248 posts) - - Show Bio

Reed builds his own toys, Batman has them commissioned.  Batman is clever, Batman is very smart, but he is not one of the eight smartest men on the planet. Reed is.

#55 Posted by PowerHerc (84386 posts) - - Show Bio

Ha. Ha. Ha.  (That's funny)   No.
#56 Posted by Theodore (3445 posts) - - Show Bio


#57 Posted by ghostrider fan1 (778 posts) - - Show Bio

batman has street smarts more than tech smarts thats where hes smarter but technically reed is much smarter in general

#58 Posted by batmanary (798 posts) - - Show Bio

Reed is smarter intellect-wise, but in practicality, Bruce takes it.

#59 Posted by daredevil21134 (11925 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm gonna go with Reed
#60 Posted by matanuva135 (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Scientist doesn't mean smarter...

I think Batman is smarter than Reed...

They are kinda different kind of smart and Batman is the smart that to find out something and know what to do when something is happen

#61 Edited by matanuva135 (6 posts) - - Show Bio

and for people who only watch the old batman series and Batman Movie..

That isn't the Batman from now anymore and yet... Batman is a Genius too (Check on Wiki)

#62 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (33636 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman is NOT smarter than Reed Richards

#63 Posted by The Stegman (24661 posts) - - Show Bio

Depends on what you mean by ''smarter'' 
Does he have a higher I.Q? I say no 
Reed is a better physicist, chemist, and overall scientist, HOWEVER, I do believe Bruce has a better deductive mind and all around more common sense.

#64 Posted by matanuva135 (6 posts) - - Show Bio

They both have their own smart... sometimes when they can make good toys, they smart enough to know how to use?

Well think about it... some people with intellectual disabilities might be good at crafting or stuff and that makes them Smarter?

sometimes Smart and Genius arent the same. Sometimes it's about doing something smart and know what to do.

You can't just say Reed is smarter because he is a Scientist right?

#65 Posted by Sammo21 (697 posts) - - Show Bio

lmfao, no. Seriously, NO. Reed is a super scientist, Batman is a smart guy with some analytical smarts. We really don't need to be making Batman out to be the most broken, overpowered character ever :(

#66 Posted by ALFMutant (153 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't care about Reed and I am a fan of Batman, but there is no chances Bruce could have a fair discussion with Richards about science.

#67 Posted by spawn_123 (1693 posts) - - Show Bio

Dr.Doom all the way

#68 Posted by TDK_1997 (14902 posts) - - Show Bio

No he is not.

#69 Posted by TheCrowbar (4286 posts) - - Show Bio

Not only is Batman smarter!!!!!1111

He beats Mr. Fantastic in the sack too! Because he uses prep(Foreplay)

#70 Posted by tomlikesfries (4679 posts) - - Show Bio

@The Stegman said:

Depends on what you mean by ''smarter''
Does he have a higher I.Q? I say no
Reed is a better physicist, chemist, and overall scientist, HOWEVER, I do believe Bruce has a better deductive mind and all around more common sense.


#71 Posted by matanuva135 (6 posts) - - Show Bio

@Sammo21: we are talking about "Smart" btw... not "scientist"

#72 Posted by TheAcidSkull (18032 posts) - - Show Bio


#73 Posted by xtremekidx (576 posts) - - Show Bio

reed richards is beyond what batman is intelectually,

pls stop wanking batman people,it makes the rest of the batfans look bad :(

#74 Edited by Sammo21 (697 posts) - - Show Bio


....did you even read what you typed before you finished? No, Batman is not smarter than Reed Richards in any sense outside of maybe detective skills/deductive reasoning. Even so, many of the high tech methods Batman uses would be incredibly amplified by Richards if he actually thought it was worth his time to mess with. Reed Richards would create some crazy robot who would be a better detective than Batman.

Seriously guys, stop making Batman out to be the most broken character on the planet. I'm surprised I don't see "Batman vs the anti-monitor" or "Batman vs Galactus" threads with people wildly siding with Batman. I love Batman but the lengths some people in this community go to make him the fastest, strongest, smartest, most indestructible hero ever is a little ridiculous. Dare I say "cray cray".

#75 Edited by matanuva135 (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Reed have his own smart and Batman also have his own smart

I hate how people only watches the movie Batman... that Batman really did nothing but the real Batman's smart is at a very high Level and his mind... how he thinks, what he does.

Reed is science smart but not how he thinks how he think before he does... how he plan things, although Batman really weak at science (weaker than Reed but still an expert) Reed also weak at Batman's smart.

#76 Posted by Agha1 (116 posts) - - Show Bio

I might like bats better but obviously a scientist with cool gear is more intelligent than a detective.

#77 Posted by karrob (4280 posts) - - Show Bio

@The Hottness said:

Reed is smarter...
#78 Posted by Silavite (56 posts) - - Show Bio

@Pania: Guess that explains why Dr. Manhattan is power rank 1,000 something or other.

#79 Edited by Gambit1024 (9890 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman's not smarter than Lex Luthor, and Luthor's probably a little smarter than Bruce Banner (and I rank Bruce at #5 on the Marvel scale).

And for the record, Reed's #3 on my list.

#80 Edited by Jahir2998 (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman is a detective Reed Richards is a scientist simple as that

#81 Edited by wanonalake (292 posts) - - Show Bio

In all honesty, smartness can be subjective. Batman is wiser. He can handle pressure better than reed. However, Reed is more intelligent. He creates awesome and incredible inventions. There smarter than each other in there own ways.

#82 Edited by Squares (6909 posts) - - Show Bio

I personally think that Reed Richards needs to be before Batman on the intellect list, what do you think?

You mean he isn't already?

#83 Posted by Manchine (4173 posts) - - Show Bio

That's the stupidest thing I have heard today.... although not this week. =)

#84 Edited by PietroMaximoffIsTheMan (56 posts) - - Show Bio

@shawn_the_devil: Ya, I guess being able to calculate odds, and creating machines inventions and strategies to stop countless villains from destroying life as we know it doesn't matter much.

#85 Posted by ImagineMan16 (466 posts) - - Show Bio

Intuitiveness, puzzle solving, reasoning, etc.: Yes. Scientific aptitude and general knowledge base: No

#86 Posted by Dayvid3 (807 posts) - - Show Bio


#87 Posted by youmessinwithme (1189 posts) - - Show Bio

Reed's intelligence is a plot device, He's smarter in a quantum physicist sort of way. Batman would have more street smart's but reed would definitly have the higher IQ.

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