Does Reed Richards Have Super Strength?

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It is my and my brothers opinion that although he is listed as being at normal human level, we believe that he infact has some degree of super strength.
For example he is able to lift people while his arms are stretched out  quite a bit.
Anybody Agree?

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I don't believe he has in the traditional sense. But he can increase his mass so it's logical that with an increased mass comes a form of increased strength. He has afterall hurt Namor physically so you do need some degree of superstrength for that.
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It's not super strength, per se, but if you have a long enough lever or a big enough rubber band, you can do some damage.

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yea i didnt think of it as super strength but more as Connecting a rubber band around something that is secured down and then tightening the rubber band until the thing that is wrapped around has so much pull on it it the it's securing pieces break and the object goes flying (like a catapolt)
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@Aiden Cross: @fodigg: @DEGRAAF: Thanks for your opinions, they are a great help, on question, does the increased length of his arms apply to the Mass/Strength increase?
in my opinion he has to have super strength BUT, i agree that its probably as his mass increases. Again Thank You for your help.
any other opinions?
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No problem. I actually just watched the Fantastic Four movie (the first one) this weekend. The end battle has a great show of his strength by use of his powers. He wrapped his arm around a mailbox from about 20-30 ft away and then basically flexed and pulled, tightening his muscles (in essence like tightening a rubber band) till the pull was to much for the securing points on the bottom of the mailbox 
@Aiden Cross: 
can he really increase his mass tho? I know he can stretch but i just figured as he stretched he would thin out like a rubber band without eve actually adding more mass but covering more area.
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