An IQ of over 500?

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The smartest man alive right now has an IQ of 210 and the smartest man to ever live has of 270. yet none have done anything remotely close to the level of reed richards. If you could gauge his IQ would it be over 500? 

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Over 9000!

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IQ does not = intelligence, it a kind of test like manies others.
Most version out there caps around the 200 so there simply wont be any way to calculate an IQ of 500.

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I could not gauge his IQ, only someone of his IQ, could create a reliable test designed to measure his IQ accurately and ethically thats unwise, it may lead to substance abuse or he might cheat. Knowing Reed he would so cheat... it would be like me making a Nemi test. I would rig it so I scored a perfect A out of 100. 

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400 would be more appropriate, wouldn't it?

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This is all depending on what tests one uses to measure IQ.

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