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Major Story Arcs

Dealing With Demons

Government knew that afterlife existed, but they kept it under wraps. Mr. Black was promoted to lead the department of Hell investigation in Pentagon. One day Mr. Black discovered something, and closed all the info moving between divisions, and it all went only through him. Mr. Black witnessed the first try to enter the gates of hell in Jerusalem, he already knew that the soldiers all perish there. He did not say a thing about it though. He then was assigned to assist in the entry to the hell. A team of convicts is gathered and trained for the mission to retrieve the key, to close the gateway. Some of the soldiers have corned a demon and Mr. Black wants to question it. Speaking in diablum, he asks why the demons have come to earth, for they are forbidden to do so, he learns that Demigratus has sent them. Mr. Black reveals G.I.M.P to the military, and tells them that he believes he knows where the key to the gate of hell might be. When the team has entered hell, Mr. Black has a chance to brief the president on the situation. He shows that the G.I.M.P can show the men life signs and nothing more. But when the president leaves he turns the machine on correctly and sees even the terrain of hell. Military starts to suspect Mr. Black.

It is unknown what happened with the Jerusalem project, but Mr. Black's next interest is the Rapture. It's then revealed that Mr. Black has made deals with demons for his soul to gain power and influence. He's a smart man though, apparently he has promised his soul to multiple demons, so when one of them decides to cash in on it, another demon kills it to hold on to his prize. His previous employee Tilly Grimes went underground and stole some of his tech. Having located her and learning that she has teamed up with rapture wielder Tom Judge, he sent a team to dispose of them and retrieve the artifact. His team don't fare too well, as Tom Judge has bonded with the artifact and is too powerful now. He now plans to take over Hell's stock exchange, he ordered a production of 70000 demon killing weapons, without giving an explanation to people working on the project. He finds a demon army of Devil's ex-bodyguards to use those weapons and orders an attack. When Tom went to country side to have some fun, Mr. Black sent last attack to retrieve to rapture. Tom was protected by angels however and Mr. Black forces lost the battle.

Hell Lord

At the end of his plans Mr. Black again double crosses few demons over his soul. He now offered a demon to be captured for angels that they would be in his debt. Releasing a gas attack in the city, he bring the end of days. When Tom Judge confronts him, he revels that he knows that all men end up in hell, so he made some preparations, he now owns a 51% of hell and Tom has no other option than to give the rapture to him then Mr. Black kills himself. Mr. Black's plan doesn't play out however, Tom Judge is not a fool himself, promises the Rapture to Conductor if he removes Mr. Black out of the picture. Conductor tosses Mr. Black on to his train to seventh circle and battle over hell has ended.

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