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The incorruptible and infallible newspaper reporter Rex Graine is a journalist for the Daily Crusader. His alter ego Mr. A wears a white suit and matching fedora hat, metal gloves and a expressionless steel mask he can hide his true identity behind. The reader never finds out what happened to Rex that made him become Mr. A. He signals his arrival by leaving a business card that is half black/half white.

Mr. A does not believe in second chances and insists that nothing can ever justify what he considers a crime, not situation nor personal past nor momentary human lapse. All crimes must be punished, even those which were committed out of desperate need or with the best of intentions or in self-defense.

Because Mr. A's actions often seem gratuitously judgmental and remorseless according to both modern sensibilities and modern comic book conventions, many people assume that Mr. A is intended to satirize moral extremism. (This impression is furthered by the now well-known link between Steve Ditko's Mr. A and Alan Moore's creation of Rorschach.) However, Ditko writes Mr. A as neither satire nor spectacle. Mr. A is intended to be a serious character promoting objectivist principles within the superhero medium; many issues include a philosophical debate between Mr. A and his opponent, with Mr. A defending a ruthless form of Ayn Rand's objectivist philosophy and always, in the comics page if not necessarily in the comics reader, winning the argument.

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