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As the mysteries surrounding the devious Gakuso Society and the "eyeball murderers" continue to unravel, multiple personality detective Kazuhiko Amamiya seems to have returned from the grave, taking control of the Nishizono clone! Or is this just a ploy for young Tetora to negotiate his release and go off on another killing spree? The thickest MPD-Psychovolume yet brings us over two hundred pages of colorful characters, bizarre deaths, and horrific twists and turns. Lucy Monostone's descendant, a former Gakuso scientist who has a strange, mystical power over people's minds, joins the Isono Criminal Research staff, enraging the bitter, bumbling police detective Sasayama, but perhaps providing clues that Sasayama needs to solve the new "angel cult" murders. With its main characters evolving -- for better or worse -- and new faces coming to the forefront, this inventive manga series continues to earn its reputation as one of the most controversial, violent, and engaging modern crime sagas.

Chapter Titles

  • File : 51 - Angels Arrive 5
  • File : 52 - Angels Arrive 6
  • File : 53 - Angels Arrive 7
  • File : 54 - Angels Arrive 8
  • File : 55 - Angels Arrive 9
  • File : 56 - Angels Arrive 10
  • File : 57 - Angels Arrive 11
  • File : 58 - Angels Arrive 12
  • File : 59 - Angels Arrive 13

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