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MPD-Psycho has earned praise for its complex, shocking story arcs and artist Sho-u Tajima's stark, arresting art style-that draws comparison with artist Charles Burns' work. Adult fans of the Death Note and Paranoia Agent anime series, the Takashi Miike MPD-Psycho television adaptation, and nihilistic parables like the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Monster, and Death Note manga will be surprised by the inventive murders, mysterious sci-fi touches, and surprisingly humorous moments in this smart series. Step onto this crazy ride, as even more strange deviants are introduced and writer Eiji Otsuka continues to astound with his inventive plot twists and atrocities.

Chapter Titles

  • File : 45 - Kazuhiko Amamiya Returns 6
  • File : 46 - Kazuhiko Amamiya Returns 7
  • File : 47 - Angels Arrive 1
  • File : 48 - Angels Arrive 2
  • File : 49 - Angels Arrive 3
  • File : 50 - Angels Arrive 4







Story Arcs

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