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Cable and Badhand escape MyS-Tech and attempt to return the Clavis Key to the Time Guardians. Motormouth and Killpower also try to escape MyS-Tech but find themselves face to face with a tentacled monster.


Having retrieved a cosmic key, Cable and Badhand look to escape the museum. Their actions, however, have alerted MyS-Tech higher-ups and security teams are sent to the museum. Porlock sees brute strength to be futile and recommends a different course of action to Crowe.

Elsewhere, Motormouth ports in to MyS-Tech to find Killpower. She tries to use a computer system to get answers as to where she should go but just gets mad and shouts the thing to pieces. She runs from the room and smack into Tyburn and some troops. Motormouth wastes no time in shouting Tyburn to bits. The soldiers are stunned and disgusted at Tyburn's attempts to reconstitute herself. One man volunteers to stay while the rest are ordered to find Motormouth. It may be too late, as Motormouth finds Killpower's cell.

As Cable and Badhand exit the museum, Porlock puts the Harpies on the case. He and Crowe want to find out why Cable is so interested in a seemingly benign artifact. They also want to know if Nick Fury is involved (since he is friends with Badhand). The board Cable's jet and depart, noting a MyS-Tech aircraft following them.

Inside MyS-Tech, Motormouth finds her way inside Killpower's cell and takes out a few Psycho Warriors. She then knocks out Mullarkey and frees Killpower from his shackles. He tries to hug her and she shrugs him off. This reunion is ruined, however, when Tyburn enters the cell. Fully reconstituted, she orders soldiers to kill the two. Killpower wants to fight, but Motormouth demands they run.

The Harpies gain on Cable and Badhand. Cable recognizes their skill but one-ups them with some maneuvers of his own. He breaks abruptly and the Harpies whiz by. This gives Cable enough time to cloak his ship. The men then head for the Parton Magna stone circle. Unknown to the men, the Harpies are more advanced than a cloaking screen and track the men at a discreet distance.

Back in MyS-Tech, Motormouth and Killpower run into Rathcoole. He's got a neat gun. He fires it at them.

Cable and Badhand find the Parton Magna stone circle and Cable explains that the device they took from MyS-Tech - the Clavis Key - is a regulator of dimensions. The stone circle acts as an access point for the Time Guardians, from whom the key was stolen. Cable hopes to get the key inserted before MyS-Tech catches on. Unknown to him, however, is that the Harpies are monitoring the conversation and transmitting it back to Crowe. Seeing the relevance of the device, Crowe orders its capture at all costs. In stride, the Harpies engage a tractor beam on Cable and a stasis ray on Badhand. Cable is pulled up to the Harpy craft while Badhand can only watch.

Deep in MyS-Tech, Motormouth and Killpower discover that they were not harmed by Rathcoole's gun. In fact, they are somewhere completely different (probably teleported there by the gun). Neither knows what happened, but they find themselves in a jungle-ish landscape. Motormouth suggests they rest before trying to find a way out. Later, Motormouth gives Killpower his M.O.P.E.D. unit back. He wonders to himself if they might actually still be in MyS-Tech in the research department. Just then a tentacled monster attacks. They try to put it down with their weapons but it proves too strong. Motormouth suggests they leave when Killpower realizes that he's dropped his unit. He retrieves it as a tentacle shoots at him.

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