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Motormouth goes from one problem to another before finally getting off of Mattrica Scoppio. Cable infiltrates MyS-Tech and finds what he was commissioned for. Killpower attempts an escape but fails.


The Dove Soldiers try to take Motormouth but don't count on her yelling a cliff down on them. She runs away only to head straight into the Bad Boys. She flees but comes to a dead end. The men subdue her and place a muzzle over her mouth. They also take one of her transport units. They know she has two and they threaten to torture her to find the other.

On Earth, Nick Fury, Badhand, and Cable discuss how they are going to get into the MyS-Tech base (a museum in London). Fury tries to pump Cable for the reason he's there. Cable simply says that he's got to get something for a friend of his. Cable moves into his position and hopes his ally inside has lowered defenses. Fury tells Badhand to keep an eye on Cable. He still wants to know what Cable is up to. Cable moves into position and uses the library card, hoping it will give him entrance.

At MyS-Tech, Killpower is being subjected to questioning by his mother, Mrs. Mullarkey. He accuses her of raising him wrong by teaching him to do bad things for the company. He gets riles up and breaks out of his shackles. He forces his mom to help him escape. In a monitoring station, Mr. Crowe sees the break out.

Cable gains access to the museum and notes that the alarms never went off. He does come into a problem, however, when he runs into a guard lady by the name of Bysshe. She immediately tries to eject him from the museum.

On Matricca Scoppio, the Bad Boys take Motormouth to their leader. The leader explains that the transport devices Motormouth and Killpower use were made there and they don't like when their stuff gets taken. He moves in for some torture and first removes her muzzle so she can answer his questions. She wastes no time in frying his head with her voice. The Bad Boys have no problems backing away from her.

In MyS-Tech, Killpower continues trying to escape when he is beset by some guards. He doesn't listen to his mother when she warns him of a guard behind him. He gets knocked out again and taken captive.

Elsewhere, Badhand follows Cable. Just then MyS-Tech notes their security is compromised and hopes Bysshe is making up for the error. She is, and Cable is busy trying to talk her into letting him take what he's come for. He tells her that MyS-Tech mistakenly took something that they shouldn't have and then misjudged its worth by tossing it to the side. Bysshe doesn't believe him and Cable pulls out a mirror, which somehow shuts down whatever energy she emits. Cable then finds the Clavis Key, a device the Warhead brought back from a mission.

Back on Matricca Scoppio, Motormouth runs into the Dove Soldiers again as they pull themselves from the rubble. She then ports away to rescue Killpower.

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