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Maybe I just don't get how British comics work, but this issue was severely disjointed. The comic is called Motormouth and Killpower, yet less than half the issue is devoted to them. The main story deals with Nick Fury and the Punisher. They get two or three pages of story and then one page of the MM/KP story is thrown in - only to go right back into another three or four pages of the Fury/Punisher story. Again, I got suckered into reading this book solely because Cable makes an appearance in it (and the three after), but as a jumping on point for new readers doing the exact same thing, well, we don't really get to know the main characters at all. Motormouth screams death and talks way too much. That's all I know.

One thing I loved about the issue, however, is the art. This issue has some sleek lines. And Motormouth's hair - what is it with me and punk hair on girls? Suffice it to say, the issue at least looked good. Also, the banter between Cable and Fury was consistent with their back story, so that was much appreciated. (Continuity mattered much more in the 90s.)

I also have enjoyed some of the more violent takes these UK comics have. American comics at the time were still Comics Code. These UK comics tackle some crazy stuff and they don't mind showing exactly what goes into the crazy stuff. In this issue, a monster rips a guy's head off. It's not alluded to - you actually see it. Then that same monster gets split into three pieces as he blows up. Again, all seen.

In the end, not a terrible read, but it also wasn't all that good. There were ups and there were downs. More downs, but still readable if you like the characters.


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