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Beware the terrifying Mothman comics-comic!

This is my review nro. 45. It`s about a monster.

Bit of the plot(s).

5 of the 8 stories in this pocket book-sized issue are based on the events that happened in Point Pleasant in the 1960`s. Each of them begins with a dramatization (as realistic as possible) of what might`ve happened during those occurances. Then we see what might`ve happened. 5 of these endings are more or less funny. One of them isn`t supposed to make you laugh (nro. 3), and one ending (nro. 4) ...I don`t know.

What I like.

It`s made by J. Caleb Mozzocco, whose blog I`ve read for quite some time now. I usually like what he writes, and what he draws (though, he doesn`t post his art often enough). Which means, that when I saw this (and the preview he posted), I wanted to get a copy. It is nice to read a comic by someone who you know more or less (in this case, not that much, but well enough).

The art is amateurish and simple, which gives it it`s own, special kind of artistic energy. It doesn`t take long to read a page, because it doesn`t take long to read a panel. Because there`s not too many details in it. It`s nice.

The writing is cool, thanks to the way the mood of the stories changes. Or, something like that.

Mothman is like a normal, sympathetic person (he/she(?)/it even lives in a house), who others don`t think as a normal person, in this one. The way he is drawn is refreshingly different. Another thing I like about this version, is that he always looks shocked/terrified, because he has some kind of circles around his eyes.

It`s pretty funny, and I laughed out loud a few times.

I like short, black & white-stories. It`s not entirely black and white though.

What I don`t like.

There`s little mistakes everywhere. It doesn`t bother me alot, though. Frankly, it almost doesn`t bother me at all.

You can see trough the paper. Makes the reading experience less fulfilling.

It`s too short! It has taken alot of time to make these, and I understand that, because making a comic without deadlines is difficult (or with deadlines). Still, I think that there should`ve been more stuff. Two, three or four times more.

Story nro. 4...It took me some time to get it. It`s not terrible, but it`s the weakest one of the bunch.

After reading it, I thought that something is missing. It`s probably because I like comics in his blog more than I like these.

To conclude...

I like this. Not his best work, but I like this. I suggest you to buy it.


I take it back. This is more awesome than I made it out to be.

Posted by longbowhunter

I'm always interested in anything involving cryptids. The story of the Mothman has always fascinated me.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Cool. Then I guess that you`ll be getting it.

Posted by The Poet!


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